Primary Eye Care


EyeCare Plus carries a variety of eyeglass and sunglass frames for people of all ages. We also have sport glasses which are great for children playing school sports and adult athletes. 3M and other safety glasses available.

Brands of Our Frames



EyeCare Plus fits all lens styles. We will review your prescription and ask you questions about what you do during your day to figure out which lens is the best for needs.

Which Lenses Will Work Best for You?

Anti-Reflection coatings can help you look better and help you see better.


Noun pres·by·o·pia a visual condition which becomes apparent especially in middle age and in which loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye causes defective accommodation and inability to focus sharply for near vision.

Progressive Lenses

allow you to see clearly at all distances without visible lines like a bifocal or trifocal.  People who use computers may also benefit from an “office” lens which contains a mid-range power in the top instead of distance. This will create a larger viewing area for your computer screen

Transitions lenses

are lenses which are clear indoors and get darker depending on how much sun is out. They will change to a light tint if it is partially sunny and get darker if it is very sunny out.  Transitions won’t change behind a car window so they aren’t a replacement for sunglasses but they keep you comfortable if you are outdoors.

Polarized lenses

filter the strong light reflected off of horizontal surfaces such as water, car hood and wet roads. This filter makes them a great sunglass lens for people who fish or go boating, sports and for driving.